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Injuries can be physically and emotionally challenging, especially when they are the result of someone else’s negligence.

A motorist injured in a crash might have permanent neck or back pain that prevents him from ever returning to work. A runner bitten by a dog might fear all animals afterward, give up running and need counseling as a result of the incident. A shopper who slips and falls on liquid spilled milk at the grocery store might break a bone and expect to suffer arthritis in the long-term.

If you’ve decided to file a personal injury claim, you might wonder what its value will be when all is said and done. Your attorney will likely be compensated once a settlement is reached. What’s left for you depends on the value of your case.

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, determining the value of your personal injury case depends on different factors. Every case is different. The severity of the injury and its long-term effects on your life are heavily weighed. Value also is decided by looking at financial losses and how negligent the defendant was in his or her actions.

The courts ultimately look at:

  •    Whether you were out of work because of your injury
  •    Your income before the injury
  •    Whether you will be able to work in the future
  •    Your medical bills and expenses
  •    Costs like damage to vehicles or other property
  •    The amount of pain and suffering your injury caused

In the examples mentioned above, all three victims are entitled to compensation. A lawyer for all three - the motorist, the runner and the shopper - would look at current and future medical bills, loss of current and future wages, and the lasting emotional effects of the injury. All cases are different, but most courts agree that negligence is a tort that is entitled to compensation.

Most personal injury attorneys will work for you on a contingency basis. That means they do not receive a fee unless they are successful in obtaining a settlement or winning a lawsuit in court. If they are unsuccessful, they aren’t paid. An experienced personal injury lawyer will not take on your case unless he or she is certain it will win.

While it is impossible to say for sure how much each case is worth, especially while a case is being worked up, the personal injury attorneys at PollackSteinberg, LLP, THE FIGHTING FOR PEOPLE INJURY LAW GROUP, can evaluate your case and give you a better idea of the possibilities.

For a consultation about your legal options, call PollackSteinberg, LLP, today at 1-800-549-4LAW (4529).

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