No one ever expects to be in an auto accident. Unfortunately, sometimes the unexpected happens, and you may find yourself the victim of someone else’s careless driving. If you are in an accident, being prepared to ask the right questions and collect the most important information can make your accident claim successful. Documenting the right information after an accident is vital to protecting the rights of you and your family, as well as your property. Click here to obtain your free copy of What To Do If Involved In An Auto Accident, which we urge you to keep in the glove box of each car that you and your family members own. If you should unfortunately be involved in an automobile accident, please be sure to review the brochure, while at the scene, and document all information within the brochure to help keep you protected and to ensure that you have the information necessary to properly report your claim.

The Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury attorneys at PollackSteinberg, LLP, operating as THE FIGHTING FOR PEOPLE INJURY LAW GROUP ™, want you to know what to do if you are ever the victim of an auto accident. To that end, our experienced trial lawyers have prepared a brochure which can help you protect your rights after a collision.

Download our free brochure entitled What To Do If Involved In An Auto Accident today, and keep it in the glove box for easy reference. In the event that you are in an accident, use the brochure to learn what you should do at the scene and what information you should gather to both protect yourself and to obtain the necessary information to properly report the incident to your insurance company.

We welcome you to contact us at (800) 549-4LAW (4529) to request a hard copy of our free brochure. Alternatively, print the document, staple or tape page one (1) to the back of page two (2) (blank sides facing) and then fold lengthwise so that the brochure’s title is facing out.

After an accident, remember to seek out experienced legal advice so that you can evaluate your options. The accident attorneys at PollackSteinberg, LLP, operating as THE FIGHTING FOR PEOPLE INJURY LAW GROUP ™, offer free consultations to injured people and their families, and are available 24/7 to evaluate your case.

To schedule your consultation at any of our three offices, call (800) 549-4LAW and learn more about the ways that THE FIGHTING FOR PEOPLE INJURY LAW GROUP ™ of PollackSteinberg, LLP, will fight for you.

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