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Medical malpractice – the worst of the worst

Doctors are among the people for whom we place the most trust. When we are injured or ill, we rely on men and women with the talent and skills needed to save our lives and the lives of our loved ones. They know best. And the majority of treatments and surgeries go off without a hitch.

But sometimes, even the smartest and most experienced physicians make mistakes and commit negligence. There are between 25,000 and 120,000 medical malpractice deaths each year, according to the Civil Justice Resource Group.

The worst malpractice cases made national news. For instance, in Rhode Island in 2007, a neurosurgeon drilled into the right side of a patient’s skull —but the man had been bleeding on the left side of his brain. The mix-up became apparent and the opening was closed so the surgeon could operate on the correct side.

It seems like urban legend, but it’s not: In 2000, doctors operating at a University of Washington hospital removed a tumor from a patient, but left a 13-inch retractor tool inside him. The patient was paid $150,000 and the device was successfully removed. Such cases are actually more common than one would think, according to news reports.

An amputation is difficult for a patient to go through, especially when a surgeon removes the wrong leg. In a 1995 case that made 1995 malpractice case that made international headlines, a Tampa surgeon removed the wrong leg on the 52-year-old patient. The surgeon realized the mistake halfway through, but it was too late. The patient filed a lawsuit against the hospital and the surgeon, walking away with 1.5 million. The patient ultimately suffered the loss of both legs, however and his life was never the same.

A man in the United Kingdom and 2005 with suffering from chest pain and diagnosed with one cancer. The surgeon removed his mom but in reality the man did not have lung can't go to surgery appointment. A man's life and help with completely destroyed.

Medical malpractice seems like something that wouldn't happen. But it does. Most doctors make us better. Some make us worse.

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