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Why do personal injury lawsuits take so long to settle?

Courtroom dramas on television can wrap a case in an hour’s time. But in real life, many civil lawsuits, especially personal injury claims, can take years to resolve. That can be stressful and upsetting to a victim who is anxious to move on with his or her life.

Personal injury cases can be as difficult and as complex as the injuries themselves. Both sides have to prove who is a fault and whether damages should be awarded. There are medical records and/or accident reports to comb through and witnesses to find and interview. But it’s important to cover all the bases in a personal injury case.

The longest civil trial in U.S. history lasted 3 ½ years. According to the Chicago Tribune, Kemner v. Monsanto stemmed from a Jan. 10, 1979, train derailment in which 19,000 gallons of wood preservative spilled onto land just outside the central Missouri town of Sturgeon. Those 19,000 gallons were tainted with less than a teaspoon of dioxin, a toxic byproduct of certain chemical processing.

Sixty-five plaintiffs sued Monsanto Corporation, claiming that exposure to the dioxin slowed their reflexes and caused them headaches, depression, insomnia and fear of developing cancer. The Tribune reported that 182 witnesses were interviewed. Jurors saw 6,000 exhibits and were in the courtroom for 460 days. The case cost both sides millions of dollars, but in the end, damages were awarded to the plaintiffs.

As in the Monsanto case, when litigation in such cases formally begins, medical information, wage records, expert witness information and other documentation is exchanged. Attorneys schedule depositions with medical experts, witnesses, and accident investigators so that we can be thoroughly prepared to fight for your rights. This is also the time when the injured plaintiff may  have a medical examination performed by a physician who has been hired by our adversary. A good lawyer will accompany his or her client to the examinations to ensure that rights are protected.

Personal injury cases can wrap up more quickly if a fair and equitable is reached with the defendant. An attorney with expertise in such cases can help the process move along as quickly as possible.

If you or a family member have been hurt on your motorcycle due to another motorist’s negligence, you may be able to file a lawsuit seeking compensation. At The Fighting for People Injury Law Group of PollackSteinberg LLP, our experienced Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury attorneys will review your claims for free and help you hold negligent drivers and companies responsible for their actions.

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