Fighting for People


Attorney Endorsements

Michele Moss, Personal injury Attorney

I had the pleasure of meeting Ron recently at a legal event. Ron is passionate about representing those who have been injured in an accident. Ron’s legal knowledge and trial experience in personal injury law is impressive. Ron’s personal experience with personal injury law gives him a level of compassion for his clients that cannot be matched. Ron treats his clients with respect and provides them with the zealous representation they deserve. I highly recommend Ron’s services

Joshua Jones, Personal injury Attorney

Ron is a great lawyer. It’s not too often that you find someone who cares about their clients as much as he does. He is also equally skilled in recovering the maximum awards for his clients

Angela Brown, Trucking Accident Attorney

Ron is crazy passionate about helping clients through painfully tough times.

Christine Matus, Car accident Attorney

I highly endorse this lawyer. I have known Ron for several years. He takes excellent care of their clients, along with their caring staff. His firm will fight aggressively to achieve their client’s goals

Joseph Bahgat, Personal injury Attorney

In a sea of personal injury attorneys, Ron Pollack stands out among his peers because he really cares about his job, which is to fight for people who are facing pain on a daily basis, as a result of a motor vehicle accident. If I, or a member of my family was suffering after being in an accident, I would definitely call Ron, because I am confident that he would tell me the truth (instead of telling me what I want to hear) and that he would do everything in his power to help.

Jeremy Hugus, Personal injury Attorney

If you’ve been injured and need someone to fight for you, Ronald and his team are exactly who you want in your corner. He has a keen legal mind, is laser-focused on the best possible outcome, and is tirelessly committed to the needs of his clients.

Karen Tenenbaum, Trucking accident Attorney

Ron is a determined, dedicated, and hard working attorney who truly cares about his clients. He fights for those who can’t fight for themselves while maintaining professionalism and compassion. I recommend this attorney.

Carlos Gonzalez, Personal injury Attorney

Ronald is perhaps one of the most educated attorneys I have met, this dedication extends out to ensuring his clients are aggressively represented, to making sure that the most minute of details is perfect for your visit at his office. The small touches add up, but in the end the knock out punch of excellent legal services provided by his office leaves most other firms a distant second.

Joseph Mitchell, Personal injury Attorney

Ron is an exceptional attorney in our Philadelphia community. He’s very knowledgeable and extremely hard working. Ron is a true leader and fighter for the rights of those who can’t fight for themselves. I heartily endorse him.