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At Fighting For People Injury Law,  we appreciate how important it is to be able to provide for your family, pay your bills, be there for loved ones and be able to participate in normal activities of daily living.  It is for this reason that we fight for people who have been seriously injured from injury incidents.  For us, representing you is personal, because we’ve been through it too!  Founder Ronald S. Pollack was seriously injured in an accident as a teenager and more recently his wife was catastrophically injured when another driver failed to follow the safety rules while driving.  As a result of these life experiences and through caring and determined representation, we ensure that insurance companies and defendants know how your life has been affected as a result of the accident and that you are fully compensated.  Having gone through the litigation process ourselves, we understand that after an injury or an accident, you need fiercely dedicated legal assistance, to have your questions and concerns addressed and that you deserve compassionate help. Our team is relentless when it comes to obtaining favorable verdicts and settlements for you because we know what it’s like to have your life changed, sometimes permanently. Our clients need and deserve the money we obtain for the harms and losses they have suffered to assist them in recovering from their injuries and sometimes to survive. We will fight to get you the maximum recoveries you deserve! We fight for people, not insurance companies.
Fighting For People Injury Law, led by founder Ronald S. Pollack, has established itself as one of the finest personal injury law firms in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With 30 years of proven experience, we have been fighting for people seriously injured while riding motorcycles, or involved in accidents caused by 18 wheelers, cars and trucks,  and from other personal injury and malpractice matters, because we know that insurance companies don’t protect you. We are relentless advocates for the injured and we are not afraid to go to trial when necessary and appropriate.



As Our team members have gone through the litigation process themselves or with relatives, we know the devastating effects that an accident can have on you and your family. You’ll know why our attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and administrative assistants are committed to helping you through this difficult time.
You may feel confused, frightened, and overwhelmed after an accident or injury. Don’t worry. A member of our team is always available to speak with you and guide you through the process. You can trust Fighting For People Injury Law to fight for you and not give in to the insurance company, whose interest is profits over protection. Trust us to protect you and your family as our team will act in your best interests.
When you choose our services, you can focus on what’s more important – healing and recovering from the injuries suffered – while we handle everything throughout the claims process and the litigation, if a lawsuit needs to be filed.
At Pollack Law, LLC, you are treated with white glove service. Our Client Concierge Service is designed to keep you informed and provide you with consistent and updated information about the handling of your case. Approximately once per month you will receive either an informational email, or telephone call, from our Client Concierge. The purpose of that communication is to not only obtain valuable updated information from you pertaining to symptoms, injuries and the effects that they have on your ability to participate in normal and daily activities, but also to provide you with a monthly report relative to the happenings on your case. At Fighting For People Injury Law, keeping you informed is of the highest importance.


From a tender age, founding partner Ronald S. Pollack always knew that he wanted to do something that could help people. He realized that becoming an attorney who represented injured victims and consumers would enable him to fulfill that dream.
Throughout his educational process, Ron Pollack concentrated on taking additional courses, internships, and clerkships that would allow him to become a trial attorney who fought for people.
 Upon graduation from law school, he turned down offers to work at larger firms which represented insurance companies and chose to work at a small personal injury law firm, where he would not only begin immediately helping people, but he would also gain valuable experience in the courtroom.
A few years later, he became the lead trial attorney at a Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury firm. Pollack started his own practice in 1994. He chose to represent only people who were injured by the carelessness of others and through the neglect of property owners, companies, and businesses.
Pollack went on to obtain his Master of Laws in Trial Advocacy in 1996, graduating with honors and was the top in his class. He obtained the largest verdict in the history of Columbia County, PA in 2000, while representing a woman who had been permanently injured as a result of the medical negligence of her treating doctor.  During the same period, Pollack was instrumental in obtaining the largest jury verdict and settlement in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as it pertained to a motor vehicle collision case involving a tractor trailer accident. His firm has continued to thrive and handle injury cases for victims of accidents.


“Fighting for People” is more than just a motto for us. It’s our way of life and our promise to you. As trial lawyers, we won’t accept an unfair settlement agreement and are not afraid to go to court when necessary. We fight to protect your rights and for what you are legally entitled to receive.
Our team fights for injured people because it’s personal to us. Ron Pollack’s wife suffered spinal cord injuries and has been rendered totally disabled due to a careless driver.
Additionally, Pollack himself was injured due to a motor vehicle collision while attending college and had to overcome his injuries. He went through the litigation process while he was a student. Accordingly, he knows the impact that injuries can have on your everyday life, and how much can be lost. These experiences have enabled him to become a nationally recognized advocate.
You can be confident that the attorneys at Fighting For People Injury Law will fight for your cause. After an injury, protect your rights, yourself, your family, and your property by contacting us for your FREE evaluation. Don’t settle for less.
We fight for people seriously injured from accidents involving motorcycles, trucks, cars, buses and trains, as well as from other personal injury and malpractice matters, because insurance companies don’t protect you!