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Can You Sue A Bar Or Restaurant After Being Hit By A Drunk Driver?

Every year, thousands of people are killed in drunk driving accidents, and hundreds of thousands more are injured. While state and federal agencies are working to combat this scourge to the nation’s roadways, and overall rates of drunk driving have decreased in recent years, safety officials still estimate that 1 in 3 traffic deaths result […]
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New Law Attempts To Regulate Teen Truck Drivers

Teens are not known to be the safest drivers on the road. The combination of inexperience, youthful bravado, and dangerous habits like texting and driving make teenage drivers more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle crash than any other age group. In fact, teens aged 16 to 19 are nearly three times more […]
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Why Advance Lawsuit Settlement Funding Programs Are A Bad Idea

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be difficult. Even with good insurance, many injured people may not be able to afford the co-pays on their medical treatment or the repair costs for their vehicle. While these costs may eventually be reimbursed through an auto insurance settlement or lawsuit, it can be hard […]
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Punishing DUI Drivers—Seeking Punitive Damages After An Accident

The vast majority of car accidents are not malicious—few people set out on the road for the sole purpose of causing an accident. Even when the other driver is clearly at fault, most people are remorseful for their actions and never meant to hurt anyone. As a result, most car accident lawsuits do not involve […]
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Your Car’s Black Box: How Event Data Recorders Can Help Or Hurt Your Case

Whenever a plane crashes, the most important thing that crash investigators look for is the plane’s indestructible “black box,” or flight recorder. This technology records flight information like the plane’s speed and altitude, as well as noises and voices in the cockpit. Using this information, crash investigators can often piece together what happened shortly before […]
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How Does The Insurance Claims Process Work?

While every car accident is unique, the process for filing a claim with your insurance company is not. In general, auto accident claims will proceed the same way, though the results of each claim may be different. Read on to learn more about the way the insurance process works. Step One: File a Claim After […]
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Understanding The Role Of Witnesses After A Car Accident

Memory can be a tricky thing. In the moments before a collision, some people may remember every detail as if time seemed to stop. Others may have never seen the other car, and have no memory whatsoever of what caused the crash. Because it can be difficult to rely on what the victims remembered before […]
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Preserving Evidence After An Auto Accident

Personal injury cases can be complicated, and often depend on the strength of each party’s evidence. If you are in an accident, collecting and preserving key pieces of evidence after the fact can often mean the difference between winning and losing. Find out more about what you should be sure to keep if you are […]
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Who Is Responsible After An Accident With Uber Or Lyft Driver?

In the past few years, Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing services have become a national phenomenon. The services exploded onto the scene and have effectively changed the transportation industry. Both Uber and Lyft allow users to download an app to their phones and order a driver to come pick them up from nearly any location. […]
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When Is A Landlord Responsible For Injuries Inside A Rented Home Or Business?

If you rent property, whether it is an apartment or an office space for your business, the person or entity which owns that property has a legal responsibility to maintain safe premises. If the landlord fails to keep the property in good repair, that person or entity may be legally responsible for any injuries that […]
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Do Minor Auto Accidents Need To Be Reported To The Police Or Your Insurance Company?

Not every accident is a major ordeal. Sometimes, a minor fender-bender or collision leaves both parties uninjured and with only small amounts of property damage. If you are involved in such a minor accident, do you have a responsibility to report the collision to the police or your insurance company? If the police do not […]
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